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Some kind kudos from some C4 Eco Chef fans...

Kimberly's cookin' is tha bomb! -Anonymous

When Kim was in Atlanta attending Georgia Tech, we swapped my skills in Real Analysis with her skills in cooking. The food was fabulous--healthy AND delicious! -Mona Meddin

If you want to eat right AND enjoy it ... here's your big opportunity! -Sierra

Kim's cooking sings! She spares nothing in making the meal the best it can be. And she delivers with abundant energy, enthusiasm and wit. -Scott France

The catering is easily the finest the RevCo tour [1989] will ever experience, thanks to the brilliant Kimberly King... -Jason Pettigrew, Editor-in-Chief, Alternative Press Magazine

When Ministry is sober, they sure like Kim's food--as do I, IMMENSELY! -Mark Johnson, Ocean Engineer

Kimberly offers elegant, healthy combinations of carefully chosen flavors and textures, woven together with thoughtful care and flair. -Paul H


Reducing her carbon footprint is a daily, lifestyle practice. You can expect her to arrive at your residence on a bicycle!

Eating coach to assist you 4C-ing the body and lifestyle you want!


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