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Who we are

Kimberly (Kim) King :: Principal

After reading Rachel Carson's book Silent Spring at the age of 12, an indelible mark was left on Kim. An avid bike rider (known as "The Civilian" to the Baltimore, MD bike messenger community) and gardner from an early age, she naturally gravitated to the environmental sciences and engineering. Since 2000, seminal events occurred in the energy industry, allowing Kim to return to her academic studies and further explore her passion for the environment. Her aim is to responsibly transfer and apply her understanding of underlying components of renewable energy systems and the impending energy crisis in order to minimize the consequences today's youth may face in the future.


o MSc in Renewable Energy Systems Technology Engineering, Loughborough University/Centre for Renewable Energy Systems Technology (CREST), UK. Graduate coursework in solar, wind, ocean/hydrokinetic, biomass renewable energy systems, integration, sustainability, policy and environmental management. Specialization in hybrid renewable energy systems.

o Coursework in Sustainability Development/Energy & Resources, Universiteit Utrecht, Utrecht, The Netherlands

o Coursework in Mechanical Engineering, Energy and Resources, University of California, Berkeley, CA, USA - thermodynamics, quantitative aspects of global environmental problems, toxicology, and environmental law & regulation coursework

o Certificate in Photovoltaic Design and Installation, Solar Energy International, San Francisco, CA, USA

o Coursework in Engineering Technology, Diablo Valley College, Pleasant Hill, CA, USA - Photovoltaic Systems Design and Installation

o BSc Mathematics, Georgia State University, cross-enrolled Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA, USA


Kathleen Rolinson :: Principal

With a degree in electrical engineering, Kathleen was immediately hooked by photovoltaics and sustainability development--she had a PV system installed on her house, drives a Toyota Prius, and is an active member in her community association enlightening her neighbors and anyone she bumps into about renewable energy (RE) and sustainable living practices. Kathleen also relishes standing up in front of audiences to spread the good word about RE, possesses exemplary project management skills and loves playing ultimate frisbee.


o BSc Electrical Engineering, Columbia University, New York, NY

o Coursework in Engineering Technology, Diablo Valley College, Pleasant Hill, CA - Photovoltaic Systems Design and Installation

o BA Theater, Colorado College, Colorado Springs, CO


We have over 20 years in engineering, training and technical communications. We are passionate about sustainability development, the environment, and our community. We understand society is challenged with the task of restructuring the energy landscape and involving people in this transformation requires continuing education, obligatory certification and comprehensive marketing.

Our Board of Directors consists of individuals from a cross-section of disciplines and professions who are dedicated, passionate, and committed to implementing sustainable development practices including workforce development opportunities in urban communities. These individuals are:

Peter Rumsey, PE, CEM, Rumsey Engineers

James Nuncio, State of California C10 License #842248, Member IBEW, American Canyon Electric Co.

Advisory Board:

Tom Chatagnier, PV Design & Installation Instructor, Electronics Technology Department at Diablo Valley College

Kris Sutton, Certified and Registered NABCEP Installer & Solar Energy International (SEI) Instructor, Sutton Solar

Joshua Abraham, Director, Reclaim the Future, The Ella Baker Center for Human Rights