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welcome to gerald sheblé's web site

Portland State University Maseeh Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Hello from the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at Portland State University.

Dr. Sheblé's research interests include real option analysis, capital budgeting, portfolio analysis, artificial neural networks, genetic algorithms, genetic programming, and optimization and control technologies for various industrial applications with primary expertise in power system optimization, scheduling and control.

Be sure to visit the Energy Systems Information Lab (ESIL) page. The ESIL is a network of computers and a distributed computer complex that is able to simulate traditional and non-traditional energy system questions.

latest news

14 Mar 2008
Smart Grid
Presentation to the Northwest Energy Association (NWEA)
Portland, Oregon, USA
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30 Jan 2008
Energy Systems ==> Skills Presentation to IEEE Chapter
Portland, Oregon, USA
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email: gbsheble "at"
phone: +1 (503) 725-2818 | fax: + 1 (503) 725-3807

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