Nancy's Speeches


Oakland's First Car Free Day - September 2004

Opening of Middle Harbor Shoreline Park - September 2004

Port of Oakland Speech - January 14, 2004

Dedication of the Chappell R. Hayes Observation Tower - January 14, 2004

Oakland Event Sponsored by Bay Area Women Against Rape


2003 Birthday Fundraiser

East Bay Housing Organizations Tour - March, 2003


Clean the Air Festival Speech - September 29, 2002

ABAG Conference Dioxin talk - September 20, 2002

Speech in Support of Congressman Kucinich's Candidacy for the Presidency - May 2002

Interagency Task Force on Homelessness - April 22, 2002

Speech in Support of Pro-Choice - January 27, 2002

Speech in Support of City Car Share - January 17, 2002


Speech to Honor Congresswoman Barbara Lee's Courageous Vote in Congress - October 2001

Veterans Memorial Senior Center Anniversary - June 23, 2001

Report on World Summit on Sustainable Development - June 20-21, 2001

Address to Visitors from Nahodka, Russia, on Substance Abuse

Making the Connection Between Sustainability and Security

Opening of the Center and Garden in the Hills Fire Area

Speech at Courthouse with Clergy Asking for the Riders' Case to be Retried

Stop the Destruction of California Women's Rights

Speech at Graduation of Trainees from Urban Voice

Violence Prevention Speech at the Center of Hope Church

What Cities Face at the Brink of War

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