Design engineering pioneers in underwater rebreather systems

REMORA Submarine

REMORA Rescue Submarine (On Deck)

Design engineering pioneers in underwater rebreather systems

At O2 Systems, Inc. we leverage our expertise in life support systems, technical assistance, deep water design, engineering services and advanced dive technology. We offer our clients a full range of innovative, scalable and reliable services including:

    Engineering & Deep Water Design
    Surface Rebreathers (Aeolus, TACR, SubPack, MMRBS--Multi-Mission Rebreather System)
    Diving Rebreathers (Tiger & Frog)
    O2 Cleaning & Oxygen
    Rebreather Instruction & Training
    Underwater Video & Still Photography

O2 Systems, Inc. is grounded in innovative design approaches to problem solving. In offering simple modifications to dive equipment, water proof electronics, diver propulsion vehicles or rebreathers, O2 Systems, Inc. provides skilled and responsive turnkey solutions for every diver's needs. O2 Systems, Inc. is a representative for:

    TACRS/ESS - Tactical Rebreather Systems/Environmental Support Solutions
    IMR Incorporated