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2010 Clean Tech Open (CTO)

When all else fails in your job search, enter a contest. Back in late March of this year, I entered the Clean Tech Open.

The mission of the Cleantech Open is to find, fund, and foster the big ideas that address today’s most urgent energy, environmental, and economic challenges.

The CTO started in California in 2006 and has expanded to the entire USA, as well as expansion into the international realm. I realize my and my colleagues’ nascent ideas won’t be readily accepted until there are A LOT of shock events, be they due to climate change effects, earthquakes, ecological disasters, financial, etc.–this is, after all, only human nature to be reactive instead of proactive. But hey, this is what we are all about, being a renewable energy engineer and hybrid renewable energy systems integrators.

In any event, entering this contest has served a necessary need of mine to secure a job via networking. And who knows, if the judges like my team’s RE-Power Them vision outlined in our Executive Summary, we might even become semi-finalists.

Here’s our presentation slide for the Semifinalist Announcement Event.

Heres our presentation slide

Our 2010 Clean Tech Open (CTO)  presentation slide

BREAKING: Large Air Spill at Wind Farm. No threats reported. Some claim to enjoy the breeze.

This was too good not to repost!  Some choice comments on Reedit, too.

It, however, remains to be seen if the current, most unfortunate events in the Gulf of Mexico will aid in ‘shoring-up’ arguments for invoking and implementing MASSIVE investment and R&D in renewable energy technologies.

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What is a Hybrid RE Engineer?

An engineering generalist with an understanding of sustainable development whose skills set are typically comprised of an amalgam of mechanical and electrical engineering. One who is able to design and assemble systems and components that are comprised of more than one renewable energy (RE) technology i.e. solar, wind, hydro-kinetic (ocean/wave/micro-hydro), biomass, hydrogen fuel cell, geothermal and storage (battery, fly wheel, pumped-hydro). The RE technologies selected depend on one's geographical predisposition, resource availability, the end-use need, practicing conservation (behavioral change) to name a few considerations...

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