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Epilogue :: The Vortex vs. Matthew Lynn’s comments

Ok, so I completed my graduate studies coursework last week. Anti-climatic, again. All of a sudden, my right brain is on fiyah…

I was (pa)trolling the i-net recently to see how well my Kimgerly brand-handle is fairing on the SEO (search engine optimization) returns. I forgot some three years ago, I started bla bla blogging, but lost my way due to the ‘prohibitive’ academic pursuits. I located my Saturday, 12 August 2006 OP, “The inspiration that lead me to this ‘place”… I totally forgot about ‘poke at the bear’ to my girlfriends DFILM The Vortex :: American Workaholics AKA I work a lot so I can shop, buy or I’ll die. Vapid consumerism, right.

I think Matthew Lynn has it right about the USA’s glutinous carbon-based life-style bent on consumerism; inherent due to our addiction to oil. Don’t get me wrong, I’m ‘poisoned’ to some degree, too. I like my computer toys/tools created with synthetic organic amorphous solids, er plastics, cooking with natural gas, and being able to hop on an ICE (internal combustion engine) ‘buggy’ bus, or utilize a Zipcar car share every now and then.

I am, however, a firm believer technological advances alone are not the panacea. Lest we learn to how start weaning ourselves off this petrol addiction and ubiquitously and comprehensively implement the practices of sustainability, conservation, energy efficiency measures on a MASSIVE scale, woe is the fate of our spaceship.

BP Needs to Tell Whining Americans to Take a Hike: Matthew Lynn

Ja, sadly I’m in agreement with Matthew Lynn on this topic. Until the USA comes to terms with it’s vapid, insipid and glutinous carbon-based life-style bent on consumerism, indeed, we get what we deserve.


U.S. Double Standards

Here are three reasons why it should:

First, the U.S. is guilty of crazy double standards. Hayward should go on TV and say: “Excuse me, which country is the biggest oil consumer on the planet? Who refused to do anything about climate change, or even to put sensible taxes on gas? Heck, your president even flies around in a 747 when a modest Gulf stream jet would get him there just as fast. So of course the oil companies have to drill in more and more dangerous places. If you insist on being addicted to cheap oil, you have to recognize there are risks attached. So grow up, and stop acting like children.

To top this all off, the moratorium on ‘shallower’ offshore drilling was rescinded a few days ago. Another missed ‘wake-up call’ opportunity to heavily invest in REs on a MASSIVE scale. *Sigh* I’m just sorry so many, like British Polluters, still feel the need to poke holes in, and compromise our space ship Earth.

My colleague at Green Explored offered up these comments and suggestions:

Come On let’s get real and face the fact we have to stop using so much energy. Our problem is not the fuel it is how we use the fuel! Like I said before there is nothing like an old fuel and fossil fuels are very old. I am working on how the US can reduce energy consumption by 20% in three years. First we need the massive carbon tax equal to $100 per ton of CO2 or $1 per gallon of gas. Second we need to reward citizens that carpool or take the bus or the train. Third we need to insulate homes, offices and businesses. Fourth we need to turn down the thermostat in winter and turn it up in summer. Fifth we need to impose import duties based on carbon emissions associated with these imports. Sixth we need to tax vehicles based on their MPG. Hummers and SUVs should be taxed at $20,000 a year and the Prius at zero.

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What is a Hybrid RE Engineer?

An engineering generalist with an understanding of sustainable development whose skills set are typically comprised of an amalgam of mechanical and electrical engineering. One who is able to design and assemble systems and components that are comprised of more than one renewable energy (RE) technology i.e. solar, wind, hydro-kinetic (ocean/wave/micro-hydro), biomass, hydrogen fuel cell, geothermal and storage (battery, fly wheel, pumped-hydro). The RE technologies selected depend on one's geographical predisposition, resource availability, the end-use need, practicing conservation (behavioral change) to name a few considerations...

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