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7 Billion & Counting :: Population Growth vs. Consumption

Wow, at the end of this month, October 2011, it is predicted the human population on Spaceship Earth will reach 7 billion.

I think the problem of consumption is more important matter to address than just the population explosion. The chatter I’m hearing is that ‘it’s not about us consuming, but it’s about those brown people reproducing’, right? Wrong. Blame the poor for the environmental crisis by attributing it to population growth. This however, should not be the singular, decisive factor. I understand the global average number of children each woman bears has fallen from 6 to 2.5 in the past 60 years.

I mean what about all the consumption behavior of these ‘white men’ who probably each consume much of the world’s resources in a short period of time in a day, than the average African consumes in a lifetime? I think we need to check ourselves in a VERY BAD way in the West and do better implementing more sound sustainable development practices.

VIDEO :: Environment MN & SolarHotDish got game! Putting the Sun to Work for Minnesota

I see adverts like this, and typically do not see in renewable energy (RE) industry countering and educating the public on misinformation dispelled on REs.

Sometimes major media networks make ‘feeble attempts’ to dispel the myths about fracking, CONG (coal, oil, nuclear, natural gas):;lst;5

How is the RE industry supposed to compete when it doesn’t seem to ever have the financial resources to counter balance this kind of infomercial? Well I tell you, Environment Minnesota (MN) has game!

Here’s what, in my opinion, is a PRIMO example of the type of media blitz RE industry needs to start adopting to compete with the CONG conglomerates. Way to go Environment Minnesota for facilitating this contest! I think the winner of this contest, SolarHotDish, has done a GREAT job creating a video story that should lure and attract the consumerism mindset. You go SolarHotDish!!  I understand this was the winning film in Environment Minnesota’s short film contest! Ja, it’s polished, cool, sexy–just what a consumer wants.

This one is pretty funny, too. Clean coal is deeelicious!

I am a firm believer that we need to quit ‘poking holes’ in our ‘spaceship’. Or as some  might prefer I more simply say, “We need to stop drilling.”

Consumerism WILL be the bane of human existence.

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An engineering generalist with an understanding of sustainable development whose skills set are typically comprised of an amalgam of mechanical and electrical engineering. One who is able to design and assemble systems and components that are comprised of more than one renewable energy (RE) technology i.e. solar, wind, hydro-kinetic (ocean/wave/micro-hydro), biomass, hydrogen fuel cell, geothermal and storage (battery, fly wheel, pumped-hydro). The RE technologies selected depend on one's geographical predisposition, resource availability, the end-use need, practicing conservation (behavioral change) to name a few considerations...

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