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VIDEO :: Installing the 1st Small Wind Turbine in Berkeley, CA, USA

I figured this deserved a post of it’s own…

A few weeks ago, I was offered the privilege to scrounge around the Wysinger’s garage to locate archives of this historical installation that were buried/lost after Vossa Wysinger passed away some many years ago. I earned the trust of Vossa’s youngest daughter, Myra, who allowed me to dig thru boxes and boxes of memories. Not only did we locate a newspaper article in The Berkeley Gazette, but we found an 8 mm reel of the installation footage. The digital copy was handed to me today, and it’s now viable on YouTube.

NB: This installation in the city limits of Berkeley proper was during the same time utility scale wind turbines were being deployed in the Altamont Pass. And notice, there was footage of the solar hot water system, too!

If the video above is not viewable, try clicking here .

Decommissioning a small WTG in the built environment :: Berkeley, CA, USA

I am in the process of helping a family in Berkeley, CA, USA decommission their small wind turbine generator (WTG). Just yesterday, I was able to obtain an affirming newspaper article that this WTG was indeed the first small WTG installed in Berkeley.

Click here to view larger PDF.

As I continue to perform research and due diligence, my hope is I will reveal that this is the first WTG of it’s kind installed not only in Berkeley, or the East Bay of San Francisco, but in a California municipality.

In the coming weeks, I will post updates here, and eventually summarize all my findings in a historical report. It’s an honor and privilege that Paul Gipe thinks this is a worthwhile endeavor. And yes, I will be forwarding my final historical report to Paul Gipe for him to share on his web site, as well.

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