So many are in denial about climate instability and the effects it is having on our beloved ecosystem. What we humans should be practicing is biomimicry.

What is biomimicry you enquire? Biomimicry studies nature’s best ideas, then imitates these designs and processes to solve human problems e.g. studying a leaf to invent a better, more efficient solar cell. Ja, I think the leaves got it right.

I find it a bit ‘amusing’ that (wo)man tries to outsmart Mother Nature. With the increase in climate instability events, perhaps, like lower-order creatures, we should be focusing more on adapting and more appropriate responses, instead of expecting her to acquiesce to our current quality of life needs expectations. I think, surely attempts at predicting and precisely modeling all this uncertainty will likely be increasing, more dynamic and more challenging in the years to come.

I think, investment in and practicing adaptability and response would be a more prudent and proactive approach toward applying resiliency and thermodynamics, er biomimicry. Silly humans.