I recall sitting in my Energy Analysis class at the Universeit Utrecht in 2005, when we embarked on a discussion about this new, flagship mechanism, the EU Emissions Trading Scheme [ETS], a policy vehicle to promote reducing carbon emission in the aim of bolstering renewable energy systems technologies. I thought, perhaps, at that time, it might work at best and at worst be a baby step in the right direction. Mind you, this was around the time BP, British Petroleum had unveiled their Beyond Petroleum campaign. But like my pragmatic, solicitous Dutch classmates, I was skeptical. And now, today, I am sadly affirmed.

For some time now, I have been a firm believer that we need to quit emitting carbon, post haste if we are to attenuate the escalations of the ‘indifference’ of Mother Nature–climate instability, global warming and all the associated ‘undesirables’ that she will unleash. This, however, I am afraid will not happen–especially because oil companies short-term interests which are clearly valued more than long-term viability of preserving an ecosystem where a quality of life we have been accustomed can be maintained.

I think George Monbiot summed this parody of inaction up rather well in his latest article, ‘Via Dolorosa – Corruption and short-termism are pushing us along the path of sorrows.’