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Community Wind Power in the SF Bay Area??

I just discovered, I don’t have any bla bla on this blog about community wind power generation. I’ve emailed volumes on this topic over the past two years. Ja, past time to post up some bla bla here…

I find it troubling community wind projects and discussions don’t seem to make way into the SF Bay Area proper. I mean this is the SF Bay Area, the bastion of being vanguards in furthering a mindful approach to maintaining a high quality of life. Makes me wonder if something I have been missing that is going on in the corridors of government that are hampering these kinds of opportunities. I mean Anheuser-Busch in Fairfield, Solano County has figured out how to make this work in their behalf alongside Foundation Windpower.

According to the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA):

AWEA Community Wind Projects in the USA

Wind energy projects that incorporate local financial participation and control are known as “community wind” projects. Community wind projects encompass a wide range of sizes and project types. Some examples include:

  • 1-kilowatt to 100-kilowatt net-metered home and farm-based systems
  • Mid-size singe-turbine projects at schools and businesses
  • Wind-diesel village power projects
  • Multi-megawatt wind farms owned by co-ops and munis
  • Wind farms comprising tens of megawatts and an independent power producer arrangement

NB: Since 2011, there have only been FOUR community wind projects to come on-line in CA. Whereas there have been sixteen in Iowa, twelve in Massachusetts and ten in Minnesota. The Hull, MA Community Wind Project is the most highly regarded.


Poop Power Plants (PPP) AKA Dairy Cows

Ja, a new acronym for PPP. Nope, it doesn’t stand for that popular IT communications reference, Point-To-Point protocol or one of those political references.

To date, this is one of the best (recreated, altho it needs some tuning) InfoGraphics I’ve seen on renewable energy. Dairy cow poop, an endless, reusable feed stock.













































We humans poop A LOT, too…


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