My colleague, Lindsay Leveen and I, entered the 2014 MIT Climate CoLab ‘How can CO2 emissions from the transportation sector be reduced?‘ Competition.

Modern transportation has become an enabler of the global, connected economy. However, the increase in activity has caused transportation energy demand to rise, and due to this sector’s oil dependence, CO2 emissions from transportation are growing at the highest rate among those from all end-use sectors. This contest seeks proposals that offer innovative ideas, or build upon existing ones, to reduce CO2 emissions in transportation.

Our feeling is, since the world does not need more plastics, abundant ethane (C2H6), instead of methane (CH4), can be the greener fuel transportation opportunity. And I also think, until the electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure can be fully realized, this optimizing energy use in low-emission vehicles is the way to go.

I tried to engage my right brain last month and came up with the following info graphic.

Ethane as a Green(er) Transportation Fuel Opportunity