It’s an abomination and a pity the way companies hire today.

I still think the best opportunity for a prospective candidate navigating the HR-gauntlet is via the face-to-face, informational interview—having a low-no risk conversation with a prospective hiring manager. I mean let’s be honest, if they are even crafted well, most job descriptions are just wish lists.

Rarely, if ever, in my tenure during the dot-com(edy) did a candidate I interview meet the 100% skills set wish list job description. And, everyone I eventually hired ended up being a worthwhile investment, because my staff and I would have conversations abundant with situational scenarios one might see on the job, allowing the candidate to be herself/hisself. 

Although this read is dated (2014), I think it’s timely, and I could not have said it better…


No matter how beautifully we may present ourselves, the current hiring process makes finding work a challenge. In 2005, a firm ran a “mystery shopper” experiment with more than 100 healthcare employers. Professionals posing as job candidates applied for work with tailored resumes showing skills that matched or exceeded the posted job requirements. Yet 88% of the candidates were rejected. Even perfect applicants don’t get interviews.