[Adapted from the GReEN LinkedIn Group]

As the new owner of the Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems LinkedIn Group, I recognize that there is a responsibility to create value, maintain a high level of quality and protect our members. To that end, for now, there are some guidelines for membership and participation in this group. Your membership and participation is conditional upon your compliance with the following guidelines. Should you not comply with these guidelines, we reserve the right to delete your posting(s), remove, and/or block you from this group, at our own discretion, with or without warning.

1. Absolutely no spamming. Spam is the use of electronic messaging systems (in this case, LinkedIn Messaging or email) to send unsolicited bulk messages indiscriminately. Do NOT spam other members of this group. We have NO tolerance for spam. If even one member complains about this to us, not only will you be removed and blocked from this group, but you will also be reported to LinkedIn.

2. Do not confuse hybrid EV (electric vehicle) with “hybrid.” While its name made lead you to believe otherwise, the focus of this group is NOT about hybrid electric vehicles per se. It’s possible there will be discussion on infrastructure that supports hybrid electrical vehicles. Discussions here will likely include energy efficiency, clean(er)/green(er) technologies, sustainability, eco-friendliness and corporate environmental social responsibility (CESR). Do not post anything that is not relevant to the renewable energy industry and/or its respective sub-sectors (e.g. bioenergy, geothermal, hydro, hydrogen, ocean, solar or wind).

3. Advertisements are not Discussions. Feel free to solicit feedback about your products and/or services. However, do not post advertisements as Discussions. If you want to advertise, please do so in the Promotions area. While we do possess the ability to move postings from the Discussions to the Promotions area, if you post an advertisement there, we will simply delete it.

4. Discussions are meant to be “discussed.” In case you are wondering whether your posting is appropriate for a Discussion, bear in mind that discussions usually contain a question and/or a solicitation for feedback. If you post a Discussion and it does not meet this criteria, chances are it is an advertisement, in which case you should refer to #3 above.

5. Event announcements are Promotions. If you are announcing an event, please post it in the Promotions area. Event announcements are not Discussions; they are advertisements. In order to make your announcement stand out, we recommend that you put “[EVENT]” at the beginning of the headline. If you would like to offer a special discount on attendance to your event “exclusively” to members of this group, please contact me directly through LinkedIn and we will help you promote it.

6. People look for jobs in Jobs. There is a separate Jobs area specifically for job-related opportunities and/or inquiries, and we encourage you to use it. Do NOT submit job-related postings in the Discussions, News, or Promotions areas, as they will be deleted.

7. Do not re-post. Do not re-post. If other members did not respond to your posting the first time, chances are that people are either not interested or your headline was not engaging enough. Feel free to be creative and try something new (after at least a week or two has passed). However, do NOT submit the same posting with the same headline multiple times, as they will ALL be deleted.

8. Open networking requests are prohibited. Feel free to use this group to help build your professional network, but please do so on an individual one-on-one basis. Do NOT post requests for people to connect to you, also known as “open networking requests.” I you want to connect via a post, please be discrete and use the ‘Reply Privately’ feature. Unlike many other group owners, this group was created to discuss, not as a means to grow my own personal/professional network of contacts. I rarely request group members to connect to me, but typically accept all group members’ requests.

Try to adhere to the following as a guide: LinkedIn Etiquette: Five Dos and Don’ts: http://www.cio.com/article/print/468067

Also see Bryan C Webb, P. Eng. Best Answer here: http://www.linkedin.com/answers/using-linkedIn/ULI/640270-1762601?searchIdx=2&sik=1331221486499&goback=%2Easr_1_1331221486499

9. Be professional and respectful. You do not have to agree with or even respect what other members post. However, as a member of this group, you DO have to be professional and respectful with your postings and with your response to other members’ postings. Personal attacks on others will NOT be tolerated and are grounds for removal from the group, even if you are “right.” Just change the channel.

10. You can build your own group, just not here. Feel free to share links to valuable non-competitive online or offline third-party resources. However, do not post invitations to join other LinkedIn Groups, social networks, professional networks, or communities. In general, postings that are intended to recruit members to join other groups are not permitted.

11. Flagging posts. If you feel that a member of this group is not complying with any of the above guidelines, please “Flag” their posting and the moderators will review it and take action, if necessary. NB: Postings that are flagged more than ten (10) members are deleted automatically. If you would like to post something but you are unsure about its appropriateness or relevance to the group, feel free to contact us directly through LinkedIn and we will provide you with feedback. Thank you for being a member of Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems Group. We look forward to your continued membership and participation. ____________________________________________________________________________________ More coming soon in this space about the Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems Group…

Kimberly King is a Renewable Energy Engineer and the Co-founder of RE-Power Them and the owner of the Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems LinkedIn Group.