Mitt Romney’s presidential nomination acceptance speech was nothing shore of a planet wrecking speech.’ Energy independence by CONG (coal oil nooklar natural gas).’ Please. A single mention of renewables does not equate to support for renewables. Poking more holes in our spaceship, anthropogenically exacerbating this climate instability, because of the wanton, satiation addiction to oil?! Not a good idea.

This climate instability positive feedback loop is in full effect. Have a look at the following image on the Arctic Sea Ice Extent. Grim.

Arctic Sea Ice Extent

Not sure what we’re doing will be enough, AT ALL, to force a feedback. We need to stop emitting post haste, not drilling.

I’d like to see some politico comprehend and understand that investing substantively in the world wide energy web ‘paved road’ for communications infrastructure is worthwhile, so we can actually intelligently and efficiently manage the flow of electrons needed for electrification and ‘hot water’ heating in the USA–silly Americans. I mean, a great deal of what needs to be done requires A LOT of systems engineering. This might actually get our RE industry somewhere, enabling more conservation, and change in human behavior to be mindful, instead of trying to piecemeal singular RE technology solutions together.

We need more support for R&D and implementation of hybrid RE systems on existing distribution networks, and support for storage in the USA, so we can match explosive results of say, the likes of Germany–they installed 3MW of PV alone in December 2011. “…the nation’s PV installations fed 22 gigawatts of electricity into the grid at one point, providing nearly half of the country’s energy needs.”

Now, that’s explosive!

Ancillary aside: Pippa drops some science. Arctic Ice Shelf measures 4km^2 = smallest coverage in recorded history. Bigger than India.