Wonders never cease. Quality takes time.

At least now that CA SB 43 is being realized, thanks to Governor Jerry Brown signing it into law back on 28 September 2013, some are taking notice an opportunity to explore developing decentralized, utility-scale hybrid renewable energy systems technologies [and not just solar only] on existing electrical distribution networks in the urban/built environment in N. California. And what’s particularly great about this law is, 100 MW of the 600 MW needs to be developed in under-represented, marginalized communities.

The Germans persist in being the vanguards in this arena of distributed generation (DG). Just have a look at the following read:

Integrating Variable Renewables as Germany Expands Its Grid 

SDG&E’s Borrego Springs real-world micro-grid performed well during a severe weather storm that affected 2780 customers power outage due to a severe storm on 6 Sept 2013. I understand this was one of the first times in the USA that a micro-grid in the actual working environment, and not just a model, has been used to power a large portion of a community during an emergency situation.

  • uses new smart grid technology – including local power generation, local energy storage, and automated switching
  • variances to island are in place for emergency scenarios
  • 1060 customers power restored in a few hours
  • All 2780 customers power restored w/in 25 hours

I have some enquiries to SDG&E, and am awaiting feedback on the following–which I will update on this thread, once received:

  • RE systems technologies deployed
  • Performance metrics

A break-off from a group I have been volunteering for, has been brainstorming on how to make this a reality in the SF East Bay Area. For now, our progress can be followed, here.

I have said for many, many years, it just makes sense to generate energy closer to where it will be utilized. And once the IT, smart(er) grid communications protocol ‘glue’ is implemented and tuned, we’ll be off to the races. And this is just one version of the future outlook:


SMART GRID – a real time dynamic network of electrical demand, supply and control (utilityproducts.com)