It’s been over a week now, and I haven’t seen any interest in some of the RE discussion forums I am a part of on offering an assist to rebuild Haiti. This saddens me. I may be ‘blind’, but sans the Solar Light Electric Fund, who already has solar panels in a warehouse in Haiti, and who had/has aspirations to perform more PV installations,  I have not seen any feeds on the RE community scrambling to offer assistance to Haiti on the ground, yet.

I see this as a long-overdue opportunity to help & rebuild an infrastructure. An opportunity to perform my part as a global citizen.

Witnessing the events since a week ago, the first thing on my mind after assisting the survivors was what kind of efforts were being made to rebuild the infrastructure–electricity capacity in particular. I listened to this report today on Democracy NOW! by Amy Goodman who’s on the ground in Haiti. Comments came from a  Dr. Evan Lyon of Partners in Health contingency in the main hospital in Port-au-Prince, that doesn’t have adequate electricity to keep running 24/7,  so they can perform life-saving surgeries.

With Foreign Aid Still at a Trickle, Devastated Port-au-Prince General Hospital Struggles to Meet Overwhelming Need

This is a week well after the initial earthquake! I won’t get into the politics of why I ‘know’ this is transpiring…

If anyone wants to collaborate and help me make way to Haiti in the coming months, I’ll gladly donate my time to help site, design, make recommendations for implementation of sustainable development including hybrid RE systems (solar, wind, micro-hydro, biomass–whatever technology is appropriate for the geographically predisposed location).

And I’ll stick around and help provide labor and install, too. I’m beyond past ready to get out from behind the computer. The Solar Electric Light Fund’s slogan is Energy is a human right. A human right, INDEED!