It’s affirming when another reviewer understands that unless the electricity consumed by the electric car is completely clean(er) and green(er), all this hype is overstated, misplaced and simply cannot be afford on such a large scale if sustainability is the ultimate aim.

To me, all this hype around pushing EVs (electric vehicles) as a climate change solution is just not pragmatic or sustainable, at allwell, it’s possible if the aim is smaller vehicles in highly densely populated areas. Robust baseload power is needed. And until there is a MASSIVE deployment of renewables, I just can’t see this happening.

I have also wondered as more electric cars are deployed, where will the taxes come from to pay for maintenance of roads/highways and address congestion issues. I can, however, agree hybrid drive trains, like that of the Toyota Prius, are the stepping stone way to go.

But to me, the present, lowest hanging fruit in this sector in transition is behavior change. If vehicular traffic flow is smoothed out, the efficiency of a simple internal combustion engine (ICE) is attractive and won’t require additional costly elements such as hybridization. Traffic engineers just need to revisit and tune their linear algebra algorithms for stoplights at intersections–an easy, low-hanging behavior change opportunity.