This deserves a re-post. My colleague, Lindsay Leveen, dished this spit out recently–State of the Union. And it’s sobering, REAL spit with solid measures on what each and everyone of us should be practicing; even the prez…

Lindsay’s version of the State of the Union speech follows…

NB: I took the liberty to make some minor copy corrections.


For scores of years we have been eating, driving, cooling, heating and buying too much. My fellow citizens I am trading in my 747 Air Force One for a small Lear Jet and will cut down my jet fuel use by 75%. As half of the White House is already in the dark, I will keep it unlighted and unheated. I will cut my gas and electric consumption by 50%. Instead of flying around the country to campaign in 2012 I will simply Skype my campaign promises from the Oval Office. I will demonstrate to you business will go on and that nothing will change politically when I halve my carbon footprint, I expect you all to do likewise. If all of you ride a bike to the store, carpool to work with friends, limit your diets to 2,000 kilocalories, and heat and cool your home less, we can finally stop having to kiss up to OPEC, Exxon and ADM.

I have asked President Mubarak to listen to the will of his people and ride into the sunset toward Benghazi. I too will listen to the will of the people and cut all funds for all projects that pretend to be green that in fact are gangrene. I control the on off switch of pork barrel funding and it is simply time to turn many of our switches to off and not believe in fairy tale science that we can live like gluttons. You may have heard me talk about hope and ‘yes we can’, but I have now seen the light and have to tell you hope will not save a fluid ounce of oil. I still think we can save our country but first we have to save it from ourselves and our wasteful way of life. May Mother Nature Bless America even if we have not respected Her.

Amen, brudda mon.