It’s no wonder the CONG (coal oil nuclear and [natural] gas) conglomerates do a good job appealing to the masses. I don’t often watch TV, but I recently caught this:

Overall and unfortunately, I do not think the if the renewable energy (RE) industry invests this kind of time, money and effort in this regard to educate and enlighten the general audience–nor, I’m pretty sure, can it afford to.

As an industry, not only does the RE industry need to continue to demonstrate the viability, implement and install REs, but I think we need to (somehow) do a better job educating the general public and telling the story about solar, wind, hydrokinetic, hydrogen, geothermal, biomass/biofuel, energy efficiency and conservation.

A few years ago, Flex Your Power posted up these energy efficiency adverts in California–we could use more adverts like this. I especially like how these spots leave the viewer with a final, attainable, empowering solution offering, especially spots 3 & 4: