For the past couple of months, I’ve had a really fun a time practicing problem solving requiring the consideration of a spherical cow, er back of the envelope calculations, whilst designing a schema for implementing hybrid renewable energy systems on a commercial, organic farm in the Napa Valley of California.

I have been performing the duties of a WWOOFing Acolyte, learning about permaculture while applying my sustainable development knowledge in the field which includes developing a commercial application schema for installing small wind turbines in the built environment. Additionally, I am looking at opportunities for installing photovoltaics and biomass waste recovery systems. Thanks to Dr. Kubiak at the RLP AgroScience Institute for AgroEcology in the Rhineland-Pfalz area of Germany, my interest in biomass has been heightened to not only look at utilization of an anaerobic digester for farm and vineyard waste, but also utilizing the grape pomace as an effective mold and mildew mitigating agent.

My aim is to mindfully identify and address how ecosystems respond to change, how to facilitate public engagement by telling a story that resonates with all stakeholders, to help the environment and to learn how to mitigate the decline of biodiversity. The goal is to build on and better understand how my multidisciplinary insights apply in a real-world setting, and in identifying and understanding the landscape and culture of all stakeholders. And ultimately, I aim to provide big picture, sound, pragmatic and as-green-as-possible renewable energy technology recommendations that minimize any potential impacts on the landscape and culture being served, so an environmentally and socially accountable end can be ultimately achieved.

More to come soon…