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ETHANE | Not just a hypothetical, or hyperbole—when the end of oil FINALLY arrives

Right. We want an EV (electric vehicle) infrastructure in the USA. I want it, too, eventually and in geographically predisposed locations that make the most sense. However, it can’t happen in ‘an instant.’

Sobering sanity check aside: I have a friend/colleague who was working on  electric vehicle prototyping back in the 1980s. Only this past year did this person feel affirmed by work performed on this schema started ~30 years ago was FINALLY starting to mature.

I think (wo)man is being rather short-sighted if we think we’re going to be able to maintain the quality of life to which we have become accustomed is going to be anything but smooth transition, once the end of easily extractable oil comes to an end—a readily available fuel stock is NOT going to be coming to a fuel pumping station to you in the ‘near future’, en masse, if there is not a replacement soon.

THE BIG PICTURE: EVERYTHING in industrialized society is predicated on oil. Think about it, even renewable energy systems technologies [RESTs]. Those huge wind turbine blades don’t make it to the wind farm on their own from the factory.

And once the EV infrastructure becomes fully realized, where is the money going to come from to pay for the infrastructure, er roadway maintenance if there is no longer a gas tax? I’m just sayin’…

We have a transitional fuel opportunity in ‘the low hanging fruit’ of ethane in the USA of Shale Gas that needs to get snatched up. No, I’m not keen on hydraulic fracturing,  but it’s an engineer’s job to make choices on merits, choose a solution that matches the requirements at a reasonable cost. S/He doesn’t look for the perfect solution. S/He looks at available trade-offs and chooses the one best suited to balance the cost to benefit. And right now, capture cleaner, greener ‘waste’ ethane from the natural gas stream is pretty darn cost-effective and attainable for utilizing in an ICE (internal combustion engine) to increase driving range, like this Ford F150 Pickup Truck because:

  • 1st tests: 9%-17% incr. in miles/GGE vs Gasoline
  • Torque increased
  • Performance close to gasoline
  • Potentially reduce emissions after combustion in the engine up to 30%!!
1st Ethane Truck in the World
1st Ethane Truck in the World

I’d rather see compressed ethane used, because it’s residence time is (time it lives in the atmosphere, the troposphere) ~78 days, compared to methane (~10 years) and CO2 (hundreds of years). Otherwise, this wasted resource is going offshore for the manufacturing of more plastics. And somebody’s lord knows, we certainly do not need more plastics on our space ship.

Not to mention, at this juncture in time, using ethane in a ICE is just as effective at reducing GHG emissions than any energy efficiency program, wind farm or solar farm, but those making policy don’t seem to be all that keen to embrace this concept. Yeah, well you know…

Do peep this action. Ethane Low carbon, Low cost, High-performance Transportation Fuel

As always, better…

PREPARE. RESPOND. ADAPT. because leadership is failing us, HARD…

Motorville :: The Story of the USA’s Addiction to Oil

Ja, I think Patrick Jean  knows how to tell a story. And he got this story about right.

Motorville by Patrick Jean from Iconoclast on Vimeo.


The Groundhog Day Saga :: The Daily Show – An Energy-independent Future

This history lesson deserves a re-post-repeating. Um, yeah, Jon Stewart sums it up ‘nicely’ why the USA just can’t seem to get it done.

The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger & CONG have A LOT in common…

Yeah, the Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger, the most fearless animal in the world by the Guinness Book of World Records, and CONG (coal oil nuclear (natural) gas) conglomerates have A LOT in common. Crazy, indeed! Enjoy Randall’s narrations–the operative ‘precious’ comes to mind. Itiswhatitis…

Don’t forget to send Randall your love in the YouTube matrix…

Repost :: State of the Union by Green Explored

This deserves a re-post. My colleague, Lindsay Leveen, dished this spit out recently–State of the Union. And it’s sobering, REAL spit with solid measures on what each and everyone of us should be practicing; even the prez…

Lindsay’s version of the State of the Union speech follows…

NB: I took the liberty to make some minor copy corrections.


For scores of years we have been eating, driving, cooling, heating and buying too much. My fellow citizens I am trading in my 747 Air Force One for a small Lear Jet and will cut down my jet fuel use by 75%. As half of the White House is already in the dark, I will keep it unlighted and unheated. I will cut my gas and electric consumption by 50%. Instead of flying around the country to campaign in 2012 I will simply Skype my campaign promises from the Oval Office. I will demonstrate to you business will go on and that nothing will change politically when I halve my carbon footprint, I expect you all to do likewise. If all of you ride a bike to the store, carpool to work with friends, limit your diets to 2,000 kilocalories, and heat and cool your home less, we can finally stop having to kiss up to OPEC, Exxon and ADM.

I have asked President Mubarak to listen to the will of his people and ride into the sunset toward Benghazi. I too will listen to the will of the people and cut all funds for all projects that pretend to be green that in fact are gangrene. I control the on off switch of pork barrel funding and it is simply time to turn many of our switches to off and not believe in fairy tale science that we can live like gluttons. You may have heard me talk about hope and ‘yes we can’, but I have now seen the light and have to tell you hope will not save a fluid ounce of oil. I still think we can save our country but first we have to save it from ourselves and our wasteful way of life. May Mother Nature Bless America even if we have not respected Her.

Amen, brudda mon.

Epilogue :: The Vortex vs. Matthew Lynn’s comments

Ok, so I completed my graduate studies coursework last week. Anti-climatic, again. All of a sudden, my right brain is on fiyah…

I was (pa)trolling the i-net recently to see how well my Kimgerly brand-handle is fairing on the SEO (search engine optimization) returns. I forgot some three years ago, I started bla bla blogging, but lost my way due to the ‘prohibitive’ academic pursuits. I located my Saturday, 12 August 2006 OP, “The inspiration that lead me to this ‘place”… I totally forgot about ‘poke at the bear’ to my girlfriends DFILM The Vortex :: American Workaholics AKA I work a lot so I can shop, buy or I’ll die. Vapid consumerism, right.

I think Matthew Lynn has it right about the USA’s glutinous carbon-based life-style bent on consumerism; inherent due to our addiction to oil. Don’t get me wrong, I’m ‘poisoned’ to some degree, too. I like my computer toys/tools created with synthetic organic amorphous solids, er plastics, cooking with natural gas, and being able to hop on an ICE (internal combustion engine) ‘buggy’ bus, or utilize a Zipcar car share every now and then.

I am, however, a firm believer technological advances alone are not the panacea. Lest we learn to how start weaning ourselves off this petrol addiction and ubiquitously and comprehensively implement the practices of sustainability, conservation, energy efficiency measures on a MASSIVE scale, woe is the fate of our spaceship.

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